Mental Fitness Tip Ten

Jun 1, 2021 | Blog, Mental Fitness Tips



Let’s talk about the therapeutic benefits of silly putty for anxiety!


What is Silly putty?

Silly putty is a highly resistant material that never dries out. There are many different types of therapy putty such as sensory putty, aromatherapy putty, angry putty and so on, but don’t worry parents, it’s not the stick-to-everything putty you may be thinking of.


Silly putty can be anxiety’s BFF here’s a few reasons why:


✨ It can act as a stress ball. For example, squeezing the putty tenses the muscles in your arm and hand. When you then release your grip, the tension leaves your muscles and relieves stress throughout the body.

✨ It can be a fantastic distraction tool and creative outlet because it can be moulded into various different shapes and forms.

✨ It is an excellent tool for releasing pent-up emotions. This is because you can throw it, tear it apart, roll it and punch it, and it will never break. It’s like carrying around a pillow for you to punch when you get upset, only significantly more discrete. In this way, silly putty can be used to help regulate your emotions in a healthier way than lashing out at the people around you.


As silly putty can be beneficial for anxiety, if you are someone who struggles with it or works/lives in a high stress environment it can make a fantastic addition to your mental fitness toolkit.


If you’re interested in giving it a go, here’s where you can find some:



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