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This journaling method provides a simple way to track symptoms, habits, and lifestyle choices to see how they fluctuated over time. It aims to help you feel empowered with information about your body and mind and allows you to explore gentle accountability: a flexible way of being held responsible for your choices. It’s both a way of tracking our basic, emotional, and even self-fulfilment needs, and it’s a simple way to establish a daily creative practice!

Many experts recommend journaling because of its benefits for our mental health but trying to open up a journal and just freely write can present a huge barrier for some people. Instead of writing all about your day, or confessing your deepest feelings, this journaling method simply asks you to colour in some boxes.

So often our habits don’t stick because we aren’t able to notice any link between them and our overall wellbeing. This journaling method helps to combat this! At the end of the month, you’ll have a beautiful, colourful grid, with valuable insights to explore.


PLUS! It takes only 2 minutes a day!


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