Our Story, Who We Are, What We Do

Mindfit NZ – healthy mind, happy life.


Get the help you need when you need it through Mindfit, New Zealand’s one-stop hub for finding mental health services and support.


Mindfit NZ is created from Founder Jess’s own battle with mental health and the difficulties she faced trying to get help. The overwhelming web of information and the multitude of different sites she had to sift through made finding the right help almost impossible and giving up that much easier. She found, as many others have, that the NZ mental health system is not geared towards prevention and early intervention and she wants to help change that.

After conducting extensive research into our mental health system and, what was already out there, she realised there is an abundance of affordable services and resources for New Zealanders that are just currently impossible to find. Without knowing about these services how are people supposed to be helped by them? The answer to this disconnect was the birth of Mindfit NZ, a platform that connects together all wellbeing services available to New Zealanders and makes them easier to find.

Jess hopes that Mindfit NZ will eventually be for other New Zealander’s the tool she needed when she was struggling. We are still in the early stages, but as the site builds and with your help, input, and support, Jess hopes that New Zealanders and mental health professionals alike find Mindfit a useful resource.

If you use Mindfit and find that there are services missing that you have found helpful, or a lack of resources in your area please get in contact and we will make updates as soon we can. Some services have also chosen not to be listed and we have to respect their wishes.

Mindfit will always be a work in progress, always evolving as new tools are brought to our attention. In the same way perfection is unattainable, so is creating the perfect resource. It is through collaboration with New Zealanders that Mindfit will become the mental health service hub it is intended to be.


Together, may we create a just and equitable world where privilege isn’t a prerequisite for access to mental health support, where everyone feels invited and safe to reach out for help.


So, what do we actually do?


At Mindfit NZ, we believe people shouldn’t have to wait until it’s almost too late to get the help they need. Whether your mental wellbeing is suffering, you simply wish to stay mentally fit, or you’re supporting someone and don’t know how, Mindfit helps you find the right services from the very start of your search through our filtering tool.

The filtering tool allows people to find wellbeing resources based on their location, age, and need, sifting out the irrelevant information that often prevents people from seeking out help from the start.

Every single one of us has been, and will be, affected by mental distress – either ourselves or in being alongside someone we care about. Jess believes if we start to embrace mental illness as a collective human experience, we can all begin adapting our lifestyles more successfully to limit its impact.

Mindfit NZ is a tool that helps all New Zealander’s become better equipped to deal with mental illness so that we can quickly change the locks every time it threatens to break in and take over our lives.

We all deserve to be individuals and collectives that are resourced to face the ups and downs of life and Mindfit NZ is proof that there are more affordable options out there than what some health professionals have the time to find for you. Extreme or not, clinically diagnosable or not, our experiences are significant and we are all worthy of support and understanding.

For professionals too, Mindfit may highlight gaps of support in certain areas of New Zealand, which organisations may have the ability to fill so more Kiwi’s can have access to the support they need and deserve. It is important that people do not continue to fall through the cracks of our system.

Visit our search tool today and connect with the tools you need for a healthy mind!