Self-Care for anyone who is struggling

This calendar is for those of us in the depth of struggle. It is a reminder that you are not alone in this. That we see you and how hard it is.

When you’re struggling, we know it can be difficult to practice self-care because so much of your energy is needed to fight and survive the intense symptoms of Depression or Anxiety or whatever else has you in its grips.

When acts of self-care feel too overwhelming, try one from the examples aboveAn act of self-care, no matter how “small” it may seem to others, can be so meaningful and helpful for your mental wellbeing. When you’re struggling, it’s often about doing the “little things” that can make you feel a little bit better.  And these little things are rarely ever little, are they? Because small steps, consistently, can lead to meaningful progress. So, can’t do the dishes? Do a dish. Can’t get in the shower. Wash your face. Can’t clean the whole room? Clean a corner. Anything worth doing is worth doing poorly when we are struggling because doing it poorly is often better than not doing it all. Give yourself permission to take these small steps forward and congratulate yourself for them — we know they take so much strength.

What if, from today onwards, you started focusing on everything you ARE doing DESPITE your struggles, rather than everything you’re not? By still being here, every day you perform acts of resistance against Depression or Anxiety or whatever else has you in its grips, even if they are small, even if they are currently taken-for-granted and are not able to be witnessed by those around you. They are there and they matter. Just being on this page is another one of them!

We are so proud of you.

Keep fighting and taking care of yourself one manageable moment at a time. Keep looking for the things you CAN do with the energy and focus you DO have. We know healing is possible and we believe in you and your ability to get through this.  
Any and every attempt to heal is brave.
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Remember there is so much more to you than who you are on your worst days.
Jess x