Supporting Someone? Here’s a small tip!

Mar 10, 2021 | Blog, Information & Facts

Support is incredibly individual so what may be right for one person, may be wrong for another. As everyone’s needs are different, when we are in a supporting role, we should aim to ask and never assume what the other person needs.

When we assume and do ‘helpful’ things out of what we think is best, it’s not always going to be what the other person perceives as support. As a result, this can leave us feeling unappreciated and resentful. Truly being helpful is asking what someone needs and doing that.

There is no magic formula for this type of thing. Asking can make things easier for you.

If the person you’re supporting doesn’t know what they need, you can get around this by offering suggestions and asking if any of them would be helpful.

Remember, you can’t fight this battle for them, they have to learn to fight for themselves. Continue to show up and be there for them without judgement. Continue to provide them with the tools they need to help themselves when they’re ready. Continue to look after yourself too.


Journaling prompt:


The first step towards recovery is hope. How can we fly the flag of hope for ourselves or for those around us that may be struggling?

This may look like helping someone uncover the barriers preventing hope and then helping them navigate them.

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