15 Beautiful Things to Tell Someone who is Struggling

Jun 24, 2021 | Blog, Supporting Others

Take what you need: 


1. I’m proud of you for still being here. I know fighting the symptoms of depression is not easy, but you’re doing an amazing job and it’s worth celebrating.

2. You are so much more than the things your mind is telling you. I see you for the beautiful person you are and even if you can’t right now, it doesn’t mean it’s not true.

3. You are so important to me. Even on your darkest days I am so grateful to have you in my life. You are not a burden and you never will be.

4. You have helped me so much and brought me so much joy over the years, please don’t feel guilty for receiving the same support during this difficult period. We are in this together.

5. Don’t think you have to try and be anything else for me. It’s okay to not be okay and you are so incredibly enough just as you are.

6. Your struggles are a reflection of the symptoms of your mental illness, not your character. Even here, in the midst of all your struggles, you are worthy of all the good life has to offer.

7. If all you do is survive today, that is enough.

8. I wish I could show you how bright you make the world for me and how happy I am that you are here.

9. Your struggle doesn’t make you weak. It doesn’t make you any less of a person. It makes you human. You are braver than you believe.

10. I know what it feels like to be surrounded by darkness and I also know that with time, anything can change. But in order for things to change you have to be here. So stay. Keep fighting.

11. It’s okay if you thought you were over it, but it hits you again. It’s okay to fall apart even if you thought you had it under control. Healing is messy. You are not weak.

12. Just take it one thing at a time – one week, one day, one hour…one minute at a time if you need to. You’re doing the best you can and I’ve got your back.

13. Your story still matters. Even in this chapter.

14. Take your time to get better. There is no rush. I will still be here.

15. I really admire how big your heart is. The world needs more people like you in it.


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