A bit about Jess and why she started Mindfit NZ

Jan 12, 2021 | Blog, Information & Facts

Kia ora, I’m Jess Harnett, a 23-year-old from Tauranga. I created Mindfit NZ because of my battle with mental health and the difficulties I faced trying to get help. The overwhelming web of information and the multitude of different sites I had to sift through made finding the right support almost impossible. Even worse, it made the prospect of giving up that much easier. Along with many others, I found that the NZ mental health system isn’t geared towards prevention and early intervention. I hope to help change that.

After conducting extensive research into our mental health system and, what was already out there, I realised affordable services and resources are abundant for New Zealanders. They’re just tricky to find.

I asked myself, ‘If people can’t find these services, how can they help them?’ The answer to this disconnect was the birth of Mindfit NZ. A platform to connect together all the wellbeing services available to New Zealanders.

I hope that Mindfit NZ will become, for others, the tool I needed when I was struggling. I hope that through Mindfit, people will no longer have to endlessly sift through hundreds of websites to find the right help. I hope no one has to have the same disheartening and off-putting experience I had. 

Mindfit includes traditional as well as non-traditional wellbeing support services. I made sure of this because I am a huge believer in the creative arts’ therapeutic qualities. Amid my wellbeing journey,  I found that sometimes it’s not about finding the ‘perfect’ tool but rather mixing and matching different tools to create your own wellbeing regime.

For example… I took part in Peer-Support, traditional talk therapy, and I read a few self-help books. I also spent time doing art, and I completed an Outward Bound Course. A course I was initially terrified of partaking in! Though, despite my fears, Outward Bound helped me recover and heal in a way that I otherwise never would have.  

Mental health recovery is deeply personal. It makes sense then that support should be highly individual too. I hope that Mindfit can help you find the support that is right for you. 


With love and hope,


Jess x


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