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0800 What’s Up is a free and confidential helpline for children and young people. It is the only helpline for children and youth in New Zealand.

0800 What’s Up is a safe space to talk about anything that is going on in your mind. You can phone or webchat, to talk with a trained counsellor as much as you want or as often as you like.

Our services are free and you can even chat to the same counsellor each time, because we understand that sometimes you just want to talk to one person who you feel you can trust.




Helpline: 0800 942 8787

Chat online: https://whatsup.co.nz

Resources and Information for Kids: https://whatsup.co.nz/kids

– Bullying
– Friendships
– Parents Separating
– Step Families or Blended Families
– Grief and Loss
– Child Abuse
– Exams

Resources and Information for Family: https://whatsup.co.nz/family


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0800 942 8787
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